How to change the language of Windows 11

If your computer running Windows 11 operating system is running in English or another language, and you’d like to switch it to Spanish it is easy to change it from the settings section of your system.

If we switch the language on Windows 11 we will be able to access all applications in the language of our choice. Additionally, we will get access to the help provided by Microsoft provides us to help us resolve our issues frequently regardless of the language we use. This is why it’s extremely beneficial to switch the language used by Windows 11 .

Steps to change the language Windows 11

The first thing we’ll perform is to enter in the Control Panel the Control Panel folder that contains the options to alter several of the key features of the operating system.

We will then immediately go into The Language Application . Then, we select Language options . You will be able to see in a glance a list of languages available, and we are able to select the one that we prefer.

In the event that the particular language we would like to use isn’t on the list, we have to include it by clicking on the Add Language button . By doing this the system will then begin to download the language on Microsoft’s official servers . This will enable us to get an entire language set and, in turn, if we have to be concerned about downloading viruses as it’s one of the most secure servers in real world.

After we have downloaded the language, we need to activate it by clicking on the box that is indicated, one thing to be aware of that when downloading a new language package, it will not be applied automatically.

It is also important to note that it isn’t required for users to restart their computer since the change is made immediately, which makes it simpler to work with this operating system , without disrupting the work that is being carried out.

In general, beta versions or trial version of Windows 11 always come in English This is the reason this feature is extremely beneficial for those looking to check out the most recent changes that have been released from Microsoft in the past and wish to do so in Spanish.