How do I fix TPM error in Windows 11?

As noted by WordPressfreestyles, there are many cases where readers have run Microsoft’s PC Health Check software on their PCs and received the message “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11”, which means this PC cannot run Windows. 11. Temporarily ignoring the issues related to the minimum configuration of Windows 11, you may need to enable … Read more

Why is TPM a requirement for Windows 11?

The minimum requirements to install Windows 11 have made TPM 2.0 the focus. While TPM 2.0 has been on PCs for years, it wasn’t until this week that the technology became known to the general public. Accordingly, David Weston, Microsoft’s OS Security Manager, explains the importance of TPM 2.0. Besides, he also mentioned some other … Read more

Does Windows 11 have Regedit?

The Windows Registry is a massive database containing configuration settings for your operating system and any installed software. The Registry Editor application that comes pre-installed with Windows allows you to edit that database. The application enables you to go around the registry and edit its keys. As such, the Registry Editor enables you to modify … Read more

What is the best way to customize Windows 11?

Microsoft updated Windows 11 with a slew of useful user interface (UI) updates. When you upgrade to Windows 11, you’ll get a completely rebuilt start menu, a redesigned taskbar, and a modern file explorer. While many users have praised Windows 11’s design change, there are some that dislike the new user interface. If you’re one … Read more

5 tips to customize Windows 11 interface with Registry

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How to change the boot logo in Windows 11

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How do you enter BIOS for all computer systems?

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How to use Night Light in Windows 11

The majority of modern mobile gadgets and laptops provide a setting for reducing the amount of blue light generated by their screens. On Windows-based devices, this blue light filter is referred to as Night light. The functionality debuted in Windows 10 and is now available in Windows 11. Continue reading to learn how to enable … Read more

How do I create a widget in Windows 11?

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28 Windows 11 shortcuts you should know and should use often

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