How to launch Windows 11 Task Manager?

In Windows 11, Task Manager has received a number of improvements, both in terms of interface and features. For example, if ever, Windows users in general have a habit of launching Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the corresponding option. With Windows 11, this has changed a bit, you will have more ways to access the Task Manager.

Whether you are looking to troubleshoot or simply monitor your system resources, here are 6 different methods to launch Task Manager in Windows 11.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape

Launching Task Manager via keyboard shortcuts is still supported in Windows 11. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Escape on your keyboard and Task Manager will immediately appear on the screen.

Search in Start

You can also open the Start menu and search for the keyword “Task Manager”. You will see the corresponding result returned right in the first line. Click the Task Manager’s icon to launch the utility.

Right-Click the Start Button

If you don’t want to use the keyboard to launch Task Manager, you can right-click the Start button on your taskbar. In the menu that appears (often called the “power users menu”), select “Task Manager” and the utility will immediately open.

Use the Command Prompt

If you want to launch Task Manager in a more “professional” way, you can also use the Command Prompt command line tool.

When the Command Prompt window opens, enter the command taskmgr on a blank line and press Enter. Task Manager will immediately open.

Use the Run Window

Similar to Command Prompt, you can also run Task Manager from Windows Run. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box and enter the keyword “taskmgr”, then click “OK” or press Enter. Task Manager will immediately open.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

And finally, if all of the above options didn’t work, you can also access the Task Manager from the Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen. After pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard, you will see a black screen with a few options in the center. Click “Task Manager” and the task manager will open.