How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Previous Windows

Windows 11 is a an upgrade that is free for already existing Windows users. Microsoft has released the technical insider version of Windows 11 which is available for all users to download. With windows update, it’s an option to convert your windows 7 and windows 8 to windows 11.

How do you upgrade your current Windows to Windows 11

It is easy to evaluate against download the ISO image. Those who are interested in it can download the preview version on their personal computers. But this isn’t only a technical preview. it’s the actual ISO image will need to be downloaded, and will be billed. We’d like to suggest to our customers that if they own an extra computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 make use of it as a test to try Windows 11 just to get an idea of what it will be like.

If you install Windows 11 Technical preview through windows update, it will not be displayed by default , as you will need to install a tiny update, which you can download on the technical preview page. Utilizing this option for windows updates simplifies the entire process.

Windows 11 directly installed on your primary home or work PC could be risky due to its initial build and sudden PC crashes may cause damage to or erase your data which is why you should backup everything.

If you’re content to continue then start the executable that you downloaded. You might notice it that Windows Update launches as soon as the installation has completed however, if it doesn’t, you need to restart Windows and then launch Windows Update manually. Check for any updates that are new and instead of the typical patches and fixes This time, you’ll be presented with Windows 11 Technical Preview. Windows 11 Technical Preview as an update.

After pressing the Install button and the download will be completed and the installation will begin.

The decision to offer Windows 11 a free upgrade for existing Windows users is logical. Windows 8 users have vocally voiced their displeasure at the OS, causing satisfied Windows 7 users to stay stuck with the operating system. This hinders Microsoft’s ability implement its vision of an increasingly cloud-based, service-oriented future for Windows and the fact that Microsoft is making Windows 11 free may encourage more people to adopt an updated Microsoft operating system.