What is the best way to customize Windows 11?

Microsoft updated Windows 11 with a slew of useful user interface (UI) updates. When you upgrade to Windows 11, you’ll get a completely rebuilt start menu, a redesigned taskbar, and a modern file explorer. While many users have praised Windows 11’s design change, there are some that dislike the new user interface.

If you’re one of the customers who isn’t convinced by Microsoft’s design philosophy for Windows 11, we have the ideal answer for you. Fortunately, there are a plethora of downloadable apps that allow you to modify many features of Windows 11; these apps allow you to alter everything from the clock style to the start menu.

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1. ThisIsWin11

ThisIsWin11 is the ultimate unofficial Windows 11 customizing tool. The application comes with a plethora of customization options and is also excellent at removing unwanted software. Previously available for Windows 10, the customization tool has been upgraded to work with Windows 11.

ThisIsWin11 has five primary tools; the Presenter and PumpedApp modes enable you to set Windows 11 precisely to your liking. Kickassbloat and Packages enable you to uninstall bloatware, manage pre-installed applications, and handle other Windows 11 applications. Additionally, you may utilize PowerUI to automate tasks in Windows 11 via PowerShell.

ThisIsWin11 allows you to configure a variety of settings, including the ability to permanently disable Microsoft OneDrive and Cortana.

If you wish to give ThisIsWin11 a try, you can do so for free via the Github repository. Overall, it’s an incredible tool for optimizing the performance of your Windows 11 PC.

DownloadThisIsWin11 (Free)

2. Start11

Stardock’s Start11 is a customization tool that restores customers’ fond memories of Windows. While the Window 11 Start menu was clearly the most important update, Start11 allows you to replace it with the classic Windows 7, 8, and even 10 Start menu layouts. Alternatively, you can choose a more modern and new take on the conventional Start menus.

That’s not all; Start11 enables you to bring all of the Taskbar’s prior features to Windows 11. This includes the ability to place the Taskbar to the top or bottom of the screen, alter the color, blur, and transparency of the Taskbar, and even reinstate the traditional Taskbar context menu. Additionally, you can modify the grid icon spacing to fit your particular workflow.

3. RoundedTB

RoundedTB is a wonderful customizing tool for Windows 11, and it just got better with new improvements. The tool focuses on taskbar customization, with options to add rounded corners, margin space, and separate it into different sections for a more attractive taskbar.

RoundedTB has been available since Windows 10, but the most recent upgrades make it feel more natural in specific instances where there is significant space on the screen edges.

The nicest feature about RoundedTB is that it’s completely free and operates without requiring any permanent system adjustments or file modifications.

DownloadRoundedTB (Free)

4. Files

Windows 11 introduced a revamped File Explorer, but it was far from ideal. Files is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) file manager application for Windows 11 that mostly replaces the default File Explorer. It is extremely easy to navigate and features an intuitive flowing design that gives the impression of being more current and compact.

Files is a robust file manager with a tabbed interface that enables the user to access several directories in many tabs; the tabbed architecture is similar to that of Google Chrome or other web browsers. Additionally, you can entirely modify the sidebar by adding your own directories. Additionally, Files supports look modification, which means you may choose a custom theme to match your aesthetic or a pre-configured stunning dark mode to keep things classy.

Not only that, but Files also includes a far more sophisticated and intuitive context menu than the system default. Files are available for free download via the Microsoft Store.

DownloadFiles – File Manager for Windows (Free)

5. BeWidgets

If you’re a widget enthusiast, BeWidgets is the program you’re looking for on Windows 11. BeWidgets enables you to create totally customisable, one-of-a-kind desktop widgets. Microsoft added a Widgets panel to Windows 11, but it falls short of the expectations of many users.

With BeWidgets, you may add customized weather, time, stock market, cryptocurrency, and even application shortcuts. It transforms your desktop into a functional, personalized, and one-of-a-kind workspace. What makes it even better is that it has an extremely simple-to-use interface that anyone can utilize.

BeWidgets’ developers intend to include a music widget capable of controlling Spotify and other media, as well as widgets that handle browsers, RSS feeds, and text. BeWidgets is available for free through the Microsoft Store.

Download: BeWidgets (Free)

6. Lively Wallpaper

Although Windows 11 includes some truly amazing wallpapers, they can get quite uninteresting over time. If you enjoy having a bit extra personality on your desktop, we propose Lively Wallpaper. It is available for download from the Microsoft Store for free.

Lively Wallpaper is not your typical wallpaper application; it is unusual in that it enables Windows 11 users to set films, webpages, and animated GIFs as wallpapers. You may also add animated backgrounds to your desktop to enhance its overall mood.

Additionally, once you’ve chosen a background that you like, you can customize it to fit your taste. With a few clicks, you may adjust the brightness, speed, zoom, and overlay color.

Download: Lively Wallpaper (Free)