How to disable Windows 11 lock screen ads

You must have seen how the Windows 11 lock screen has ads that we don’t want on display. It is a shame that not many people are aware of how to eliminate this annoying feature “Windows Spotlight” on their startup however, with the help of their Personalization settings, you can disable the feature permanently.

Steps to Disable Windows 11 Lock Screen Ads:

1. To block ads on Windows 11, click the Start menu, then open Settings.

2. From here, select the Personalization settings, and then go through the Lock screen tab.

3. When you are logged in, look for the field labeled “Windows Spotlight” and then click on the square. It can be set to display either an “Image” or a “Presentation“, according to your preferences.

4. This will block Microsoft from delivering advertisements on your screen of login, without your approval.

5. After you’ve chosen a different login screen design We recommend removing your “Get fun information, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen” option .

6. This ensures that you do not need to be notified of new announcements or news about games or apps every time you log on.

TIP: If the ads don’t bother your and you’d rather get content that is more relevant to your needs You can inform Microsoft what’s important to you by clicking the icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen lock:

A menu will then be presented, where you will be able to select between “I want more” and “Not a fan“. The first option will provide you with more information about the advertisement, but If you select the second box, all information related to it will be concealed.