Windows 11 SE

Windows 11 SE is reportedly the latest version that is a new version of Windows 11 that Microsoft has been working on. The first time it was mentioned came in the form of rumors about a affordable Surface notebook that is designed for teaching earlier in the day. There isn’t much information about the most recent version of Windows however, unreleased versions for SE were distributed on the web months before Windows 11’s release, providing us a more complete picture of the capabilities and functions of SE.

The current forecasts indicate a 2022 launch date of Windows 11 SE alongside the new, education-focused Surface laptop. We are aware it is likely that Windows 11 SE will be designed specifically for the market for education (particularly for youngsters). The OS will be based on the low-end hardware typically found on laptops used by schools and will have special educational features specifically designed for remote control of laptops used in schools.

It’s likely that you will not be purchasing the latest version of Windows 11 from retail stores Even if you did the way you want, you’re unlikely to run it on any device else than a school computer.

We’re not sure which features will be removed in Windows 11 and how locked down the device will remain. According to an article published on Windows The Latest a few months ago it appears that SE will be restricted right out of the gate. The initial build had the following features removed:

  • Disables News and Interests (Windows Widgets)
  • Fully Win32 application with support for S Mode (S Mode disabled)
  • Microsoft Store is blockedby default
  • Adverts in the Settings app for Edge/Bing were removed. Your Phone integration no longer is functional.

These modifications make sense when considering the market that is targeted for the OS however they could result from the incomplete status of the leaky update. Additionally, deactivating the store and widgets will ensure that the systems secure for school-related tasks. It will also ensure that the additional apps are at control of the IT department.

The good thing is that SE won’t be restricted to UWP applications in “S Mode” and will have full Win32 support, just like a normal PC. This is ideal for schools using programs that aren’t designed specifically for Microsoft’s UWP (Store apps) and may provide SE an edge over Chromebooks which are limited only to Web-based or Android applications only.

The changes also prove that SE isn’t a replacement to Windows 11 Education Edition Another version of Windows specifically designed for schools. Education Edition is a more advanced version of Windows that draws most of its design cues of its predecessor, which is the Pro Version of Windows. Education Edition comes with Pro’s full socket, CPU core and compatibility with physical memory. Additionally, it comes with hardware device encryption, as well as special features for Education only, like BranchCache as well as AppLocker.

Be aware the fact that Windows 11 SE is still not available, therefore any of these features may change prior to the official launch. We’ll find out more information over the next few months.