How to install and configure user accounts in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced Microsoft accounts that allow you to transfer settings and files between computers. In the previous PC configurations in Windows 8.1 , they were restricted to three options. In Windows 11, these options have been extended to five options. Things have been a bit tangled however, there is nothing could not be accomplished.

To access the Accounts settings , you need to first go to settings and then click “Accounts“.

In the Accounts section You will find”Your account” as an option ” Your account” It lets you handle the details of your Microsoft account, update your profile picture and many more.

The management of your Microsoft account must be completed online to get the optimal results.

A Microsoft account lets you connect your settings and be able to transfer data between computers. Profile photos, apps colors, settings, and much more are stored in the cloud, which means that wherever your travels, you’ll be able to view items that appear present on your device. It’s very helpful!

Options for logging in

The login options let you to decide if you have to sign back in when your PC is awake in sleep mode, or not. You also have the possibility of changing the password on your account that is beneficial to be aware of.

With Windows 10 it is possible to set a PIN however this method isn’t necessarily secure, so you should be extra cautious in the event that you choose to use this method.

It is also possible to add an image password. This means you can select an image or photo you like and then assign a sequence of circles, scrolls, and other movements that will function as an encryption method. This method works best in the case of the touchscreen.

Family and many other users

Are you looking to add quickly family members as well as others to the computer? You can do this by using the “Family and other users” setting is the best way to accomplish this.

If you have children and wish to allow children access to the device, you can create them on this page and then assign them an account for children. This is monitored through Microsoft Family Safety . It is a very secure navigation choice!

You may also add additional users who are not part of your household to your computer. This way you don’t have to share your account with them.