How to make Taskbar transparent on Windows 11

Like Windows 10, you can also use 3rd party software to make Windows 11’s Taskbar transparent. Combined with Windows 11’s new interface, the transparent Taskbar will make your computer look more artistic, more eye-catching. Here is how to make Taskbar transparent on Windows 11.


Before we get started, here’s what you’ll need:

How to make Taskbar transparent on Windows 11 with TranslucentTB

First, you press the Start button to access the Microsoft Store to find, download and install the TranslucentTB tool. Or you can access it using the following link: Download TranslucentTB.

After downloading, click Launch in the Microsoft Store to run the application. On the confirmation window you click OK, the Taskbar on Windows 11 will immediately become slightly transparent according to the default customization of TranslucentTB.

How to make Taskbar transparent on Windows 11 with TaskbarX

With TaskbarX, there are two ways to download software to your computer:

  1. Download TaskbarX from the Microsoft Store or install it directly from the Microsoft Store app (paid).
  2. Download directly from TaskbarX website (free).

When downloading from the Microsoft Store, the application will install itself and you just need to wait and then press the Launch button. However, if you download from the author’s site, you will have to take some steps. First, you find and download the Portable Zip x64 file for your Windows 11 64-bit computer. Next, extract the downloaded file and run the TaskbarX Configurator.exe file

In the new confirmation window that appears, click More info and then click Run anyway. On the TaskbarX settings window that has just appeared, select Transparent and then click Apply to activate the transparent Taskbar. If you have a problem, you can press the Restart TaskbarX button to fix it.

Note: Both Translucent and TaskbarX have other types of Taskbar adjustments such as Blur, Opaque, Acrylic… In addition, the TaskbarX tool has many other attractive features you can discover by yourself. You can also use it in conjunction with other tools like RoundedTB.